Do you purchase your tea mostly from ... ?

Domestic Vendors, from my country
International Vendors, from country of teas' origins
Local Brick and Mortar store
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Total votes: 28

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May 14th, '14, 08:05
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TeaDay 5/14/14 Vendors ... do you buy your teas ...?

by Chip » May 14th, '14, 08:05

Welcome to TeaDay. We will all need lots of brew to get us through the day. So filler up and come share what is in your cup today.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is the first in a series on the subject of vendors. Do you buy from vendors in your country ... or do you buy from country of origin ... or both? Since Spring has sprung, this is a good time to discuss our vendors, preferences, etc.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on TeaDay! Bottoms up ... and enjoy your TeaDay!

May 14th, '14, 10:54
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Re: TeaDay 5/14/14 Vendors ... do you buy your teas ...?

by ethan » May 14th, '14, 10:54

Almost all of my tea was bought directly from overseas sources. I would like to have more tea from domestic sources than I have (more teas than I have). From overseas I have bought in large quantity which led to purchasing fewer teas from domestic vendors. I found ways to save $ per ounce on shipping, but there is a hidden cost of sacrificing variety.

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May 14th, '14, 21:38
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Re: TeaDay 5/14/14 Vendors ... do you buy your teas ...?

by chrl42 » May 14th, '14, 21:38

I pick 'other'. Wherever closest to me (since I seldomly stay in 'my' country) :D

For teawares, saving up for air plane ticket is the best choice though..

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May 14th, '14, 23:42
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Re: TeaDay 5/14/14 Vendors ... do you buy your teas ...?

by debunix » May 14th, '14, 23:42

I buy teas from domestic vendors, international vendors in the country of origin of the tea, local brick and mortar stores, and even a couple of times from vendors outside of my country and the country of origin, to get a specific tea with a good reputation.

Today started with some cool-brewed high mountain oolong from OriginTea, and moved on to a session with the second puerh beeng I bought, from my local TenRen tea shop. And when I get tired of this, I'm eyeing a session with the 'Red' Alishan oolong from Norbu--a pretty representative 'teaDay' from a vendor standpoint.

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