Oct 2nd 14 2:10 am
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Brewing deep sencha in tetsubin

by vink » Oct 2nd 14 2:10 am

I just bought some nice deep sencha (YM and Miyabi from o-cha). The only teapot I have for now is a Tetsubin (planning on buying a kyusu soon). I am wondering about how I should brew the tea. I usually try to get the water at around 70 C but the tetsubin is big (hold around 750 ml) I usually poor 500ml in the pot and I'm not sure if I can put less since I think the tea won't be soaked completly in the water.

Should I brew it for longer than 1min30 since I got more water or put hotter water in the pot? Any recommendations will help!

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Oct 2nd 14 2:46 am
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Re: Brewing deep sencha in tetsubin

by Chip » Oct 2nd 14 2:46 am

Seriously, that is huge by sencha brewing standards ... not even accounting for other difficulties you may encounter brewing sencha in a Tetsubin such as the tea leaves in the infuser not being submerged enough. Not to mention you would need to use pretty much leaf. Not to mention that Tetsubin teapots may be the worst pots for brewing green tea.

Seriously, you might be better off improvising a bit by using the infuser (assuming the tetsubin has one) in a cup or similar. :mrgreen: We have all had to improvise along the way until we acquired the right teaware.

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Oct 2nd 14 7:43 am
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Re: Brewing deep sencha in tetsubin

by Alex » Oct 2nd 14 7:43 am

As chip says just get two cups and pour from one in to the other via a strainer. Use 120-150ml cups if you got them. Oh and grab a Kyusu ASAP. Tachi Masaki does good value Banko wares that are superb brewers.