Alternative Cancer Treatment: Chinese Herbal Tea?

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Jan 27th 15 1:03 am
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Alternative Cancer Treatment: Chinese Herbal Tea?

by eosUHI » Jan 27th 15 1:03 am

Has anyone tried Sabah Snake Grass or any chinese herbal tea? How to prepare and use this?

I am living in the Philippines and my Father has Prostrate Cancer and Kidney problems.

We can't afford the medicines suggested by doctors and we are trying to find Alternative Treatment to fight cancer and other diseases.

In my place, Cavite there is the dried Sabah Snake Grass but I don't know if it's effective. I tried searching for testimonial and other product made out of that Sabah Snake Grass

and found capsules and teas,

There's a plantation who sells dried leaves with certain directions,

There's a company that sells Nutans Tea out of Sabah Snake Grass.

Hope you can share your information and ideas with me.