A good Rooibos

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Mar 20th 15 8:24 pm
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A good Rooibos

by piro » Mar 20th 15 8:24 pm

Hi guys im Oz from the UK. My first post here be nice.. :mrgreen:

I bought some rooibos tea in Barcelona, delicious (along with some hemp tea, but anyway..), But I ran out. so I went to the tea shop in in town (Whittards) an bought 100 grams of Rooibos for 6 quid. Seems pricey, but I loved the Rooibos.

Anyway, brewed up a pot then I got home and it was nothing like the Rooibos which I had previously bought from Barcelona. It was weak and didn't have near to the flavour of the other one. I also noticed that it didn't have the bits of dried orange and lavindor in it..
Is there anything I can do, like add dried orange zest.

Is this just bad quality rooibos? And where can I get Rooibos like I previously bought.

Thanks, :)