Oolong Owl! Tea reviews!

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May 24th, '15, 13:16
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Oolong Owl! Tea reviews!

by oolongowl » May 24th, '15, 13:16

I'm the tea blogger at Oolong Owl, hi!


I've been blogging since Jan 2012, previously writing lots of tea reviews on Steepster.

I drink pretty much anything. I've reviewed tea with real bacon in it to gong fu steeped pu'er nuggets 19 sessions in. I also do product reviews and post when I travel. I've been to the World Tea Expo twice and did huge posts on my experiences there. A thing I like to do for my blog is take lots of photo. I am also pretty active on Instagram under the name Oolongowl.

My tea stash? 582 different teas currently. (I have a spreadsheet)

Anyways, check out my blog. If you have questions or comments feel free to lemmie know!


Jun 1st, '15, 17:28
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Re: Oolong Owl! Tea reviews!

by teagenesis » Jun 1st, '15, 17:28

With many teas losing their freshness after only a year or two, how is it that you keep so many teas and drink them within the time of their freshness?

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