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Jul 19th, '15, 02:22
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Re: Handmande Cast Iron Teapot - Taku Cookware - Taiwan

by Tead Off » Jul 19th, '15, 02:22

One of the key features of tetsubin that Hojo talks about is the 'activation' of the iron through reduction firing. This converts the iron into a different form than other cast iron pots. The result is the effect that this kind of tetsubin has on water.

So, my question is are the Taku tetsubins reduction fired to 'activate' the iron?

I also think Tea Arts comment about these wares looking sterile is quite accurate. They just don't have that je ne sais quoi=wabi sabi sensibility.

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Jul 28th, '15, 09:20
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Re: Handmande Cast Iron Teapot - Taku Cookware - Taiwan

by Taku_Cookware » Jul 28th, '15, 09:20

Hi Tead Off,

Yes, we are using the same activation process for our cast iron.

About the design, everything is a matter of taste, no? We are providing different designs, and will provide more, always different but we can't please everyone unfortunately! :wink:

Have a great day!

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