Osmanthus / Gui Hua

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Nov 10th 15 2:05 pm
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Osmanthus / Gui Hua

by Se7en8ight » Nov 10th 15 2:05 pm

Hello everyone!

I recently found out about Osmanthus Flowers! :shock:

It's so crazy good! It's the heady scent of apricots and peaches. sweet, summery, and floral.

There's not much I'm getting from the net about how to brew it. Mostly what I find is that it is mixed in with Oolongs or White/Green Teas. And recipes for Osmanthus Jelly.

Do you guys have any brewing suggestions? like temp or other ideas? Sure would love to know and try it out.

I had some not-so-good quality Oolong that finished with unpleasant sour notes. I was actually about to throw it out when I thought why not experiment. I tossed in some Osmanthus and BAM! The alkaline in the Osmanthus really neutralized the unbalanced tannins in the Oolong... it was soooooooooooooo good! It's an Osmanthus Miracle! LOL :lol:

I also tried mixing Osmanthus with Chrysanthemum and it went from tasting like apricot to tasting like yams!

Really hoping to hear suggestions and recommendations from y'all.


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Nov 10th 15 8:33 pm
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Osmanthus / Gui Hua

by debunix » Nov 10th 15 8:33 pm

I like it with a delicate black tea, like yunnan gold tips, brewed more western style with one or two longer infusions