Alice in Wonderland Themed Teas

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Nov 13th, '15, 12:29
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Alice in Wonderland Themed Teas

by randomnigel » Nov 13th, '15, 12:29

Hello, so first off I'd like to say I'm new to this forum and new to this brand of tea. Where I come from we have two Teavanna stores cx. Regardless I hope this is a place where i can get some opinions on blends I will be making on my own and selling on Etsy. I have no intention on making blends with another company's tea. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is what peaked my interest in teas so my first line of blends will have to be based on characters from the books. This is a list of characters I aim to make a tea blend for: Alice, the 'Drink Me' bottle, White Rabbit, Dodo, Caterpillar, Duchess, Cheshire Cat, Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Hedgehogs & Flamingos, Gryphon, Mock Turtle. These ideas came from my own head and I hope no one is immoral to take them without asking. Anyways heres my first blend based on: Alice. Alice is not very impressionable, she is a very young little girl prim and proper. I came up with:
an Herbal Honey-bush with large portions of Red and Black Currants, a generous amount of Apple and Pear, slight flavors of Cranberry, and a hint of Almond. Please let me know what you think, any flavor that could substitute or another that could work well. :) once I feel it's perfected I will gather ingredients and post my next idea <3

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Nov 13th, '15, 16:16
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Re: Alice in Wonderland Themed Teas

by pedant » Nov 13th, '15, 16:16

good ideas, thank you.. some of us are immoral, highly trained Teavana executive blendologists about to pounce on this and make a killing.
Alice may not be impressionable, but perhaps you've been spending too much time in our stores?

also, yes: perfect it and THEN gather the ingredients

may the naïveté be with you

Nov 13th, '15, 16:31
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Re: Alice in Wonderland Themed Teas

by randomnigel » Nov 13th, '15, 16:31

Idk both Alice and Tea have been very close to me and i havent been able to find a single place where someone can give me opinions and constructive criticism on my ideas. this is something i want to be perfect and plan on sharing with the world

Jan 31st, '16, 19:25
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Re: Alice in Wonderland Themed Teas

by willdabo » Jan 31st, '16, 19:25

I don't think of honeybush as very proper. Why not start with a classic English Breakfast and then get its hands dirty with cinnamon sticks and ...?
I love the theming idea! Let me know when you're done so I can try them.

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