Nov 27th, '15, 06:51
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Proper tea storage help?

by Asudef » Nov 27th, '15, 06:51

I came back from Taiwan and purchased several selections of tea but forgot how they suggested to store them.

There's a tie guan yin, a hand roasted oolong, regular oolong, and a lao cha (老茶) as well as a cake of puerh. I can provide actual names if it matters.

They're all in vacuum packed bags except the cake of puerh which is sealed in a loose bag. Should I take it out of the bag and store in the box or leave it in? I remember the salesperson saying it can be left on a bookshelf so it can breathe.

They were high end teas and cost a pretty penny so I feel a little silly not clarifying how to store them.

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Nov 27th, '15, 08:28
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Re: Proper tea storage help?

by jayinhk » Nov 27th, '15, 08:28

Store the oolong as airtight as possible. Pu erh needs 70-80% humidity ideally, and keep it away from odors. Definitely let it breathe.

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Nov 27th, '15, 10:06
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Re: Proper tea storage help?

by Frisbeehead » Nov 27th, '15, 10:06

What Jay said. For the oolongs, keep them in air-tight containers. The pu'erh, they do indeed need to breathe and ideally be at a higher humidity level. Do a search for "pu-erh storage" on here for more info. And don't fall too far down the rabbit hole... :wink:

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Nov 28th, '15, 03:10
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Re: Proper tea storage help?

by entropyembrace » Nov 28th, '15, 03:10

How long are you wanting to store the pu-erh?

It sounds like it's just one cake that you don't want to have degrade while you drink it?

In that case keep it in the dark away from strong odors. I keep mine in their original wrappers tucked into open ziplocks so I don't lose tea as the cakes get broken apart. When the cake is really getting broken up I'll close the ziplock.

They get stacked up like that in a wood cabinet with my other tea. Other than when I end up with a cake I don't care for much it takes a few months to get through. If you're keeping puerh for years to continue to age it look up how to do warm humidified storage like the others have suggested :)

Oolong tea goes in the same cabinet but I'll either roll up the end of the bag and clip it to keep air out or transfer to a tea canister.

Nov 30th, '15, 01:30
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Re: Proper tea storage help?

by Asudef » Nov 30th, '15, 01:30

Thanks for the responses. I wasn't sure if the tea canisters were sufficient as I do have access to a vacuum pack machine.

I do plan to age the puer a bit but will taste along the way. Its actually a raw cake and I remember the sales person mentioned to leave in a dry well ventilated place, the instructions inside also indicate such.

Is 70-80% common? My room hovers around 40-70% with moderate temps. I could leave it in the garage where humidity is higher but also higher chance of it molding and picking up weird smells/hitchhikers.

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