Blogging for Mad Monk Tea

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Dec 9th, '15, 19:46
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Blogging for Mad Monk Tea

by blairswhitaker » Dec 9th, '15, 19:46

Hi Everyone!

doing some blogging for Mad Monk Tea. Check it out if your so inclined

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Dec 9th, '15, 20:38
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Re: Blogging for Mad Monk Tea

by Frisbeehead » Dec 9th, '15, 20:38

Did you intentionally use "palett", "palette", and "palate"? I think palate is the right one :)

In all seriousness, good job with the article though. However every time I see one of those tasting wheels for tea, I imagine to myself, should I be out tasting all this stuff? 'Granite', 'compost', 'leather', 'hay', 'moss', all terms I see on most of those wheels, and I haven't tasted any of them. Time to experiment maybe?

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