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Jan 26th, '16, 10:54
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Brewing suggestions needed for huo shan huang ya

by AFOL » Jan 26th, '16, 10:54

Hi, there. Though I usually buy my tea from my local Chinese tea store, my parents recently went out of town and brough me back some huo shan huang ya. I'm inexperienced with yellow teas, and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for this type of tea (steeping time, water temperature, etc.). I generally use a gaiwan. Thanks!

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Jan 26th, '16, 12:50
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Re: Brewing suggestions needed for huo shan huang ya

by debunix » Jan 26th, '16, 12:50

This is the only note of mineI can find on yellow tea: I know I got one from JingTeaShop once that was lovely, but I can't find any of my tasting notes.

What I recall was that the tea mattered more than the brewing details: I got an awfully bitter version one time that I could not make bearable no matter what time/temp combination, and that went straight to the worm bin, but this one was quite flexible if I forgot to adjust the kettle temp or let infusions go a bit long.

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