New Look, Work in Progress...

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Mar 15th, '16, 21:43
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by Jaymo » Mar 15th, '16, 21:43

Also, having (at least a portion of) the pages numbered below the thread titles in the forums would be helpful, especially for longer threads. The way things are now I have to select "Teaware of the Day" (or whatever big thread,) scroll down to the bottom (possibly repeatedly) to get to the page numbers, then select that just to get near the end of the thread. I know these are seriously "first world problems," but they make the entire forum clunkier, slower, and more of a pain to use.

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Mar 15th, '16, 21:51
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by kyarazen » Mar 15th, '16, 21:51

the font is too fine.. o'spare our aging eyes, tea is already sooo expensive that I dont think anyone wants to waste money on optics and ophthalmology.

btw.. the the repeated subject header in each post is so HUGE!

if you scroll this page you can see how many of "Re: New Look, Work in Progress..." scream at you.. with tiny little wordings on the background :P almost like an email exchange

there's loss of contrast and dimensionality.. the forum is so flat!

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Mar 15th, '16, 23:33
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by pizzapotamus » Mar 15th, '16, 23:33

I suppose it's a side effect of everything taking up so much more space vertically(which isn't something I care for but probably makes google happy as they recommend a mile and a half of padding around everything *shrug*) but now there are a lot fewer topics listed on any given page which is particularly bothersome as there are so many stickies, for instance the teaware forum only has room for 5 non-pinned topics on the first page. Stickies reminds me, there's also no icon to indicate that a topic is pinned? Although there are some icons that are seemingly randomly applied to various topics like the lightblub with an exclamation mark in it?

Next to the posts where it shows the avatar etc. it used to have the posters location which was something I liked at least. That region also is currently home to text saying "Contact %s:<chat balloon icon>" with the chat balloon icon being a link to nothing.

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Mar 15th, '16, 23:41
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by pizzapotamus » Mar 15th, '16, 23:41

The navbar which goes TEA - TEAWARE - COMPANIES - COMMUNITY - SEARCH has a few errors. TEAWARE going to non-existent forum and COMPANIES going to a forum set with the label "Adagio" which is fair enough as you're hosting the place but you're hardly companies and even company as the button sounds weird, if it's adagio just call it adagio.

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Mar 15th, '16, 23:53
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by pizzapotamus » Mar 15th, '16, 23:53

The TODAY'S POLL on right sidebar has no poll just a view button which doesn't even go to anything poll related.

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Mar 16th, '16, 00:31
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by BioHorn » Mar 16th, '16, 00:31

Thank you for investing the time and resources to improve TC.

Other members have pointed out a few things.
- I second the request for the old color scheme.
-Google links to old TeaChat posts are not working. ISP issue?

Did you fine fellows improve the ability to post photos to the forum? That has always seemed to be TC's Achilles Heel.

Thanks again for hosting the premier english speaking tea forum.

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Mar 16th, '16, 01:16
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by jayinhk » Mar 16th, '16, 01:16

A heads up before downtime, especially a couple of days of downtime, would be appreciated across the board. A lot of us were left wondering what happened! I've been on TeaChat a lot recently and I felt like I'd lost my home ;)

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Mar 16th, '16, 01:50
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by pizzapotamus » Mar 16th, '16, 01:50

"Google links to old TeaChat posts are not working" Oh so helpful I know but it works for me, and as far as I can tell the general url scheme hasn't been altered either so I can't see why they wouldn't. Specific links would likely be helpful.

Mar 16th, '16, 02:07
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by Bok » Mar 16th, '16, 02:07

In general positive that the forum is more mobile phone friendly now and that the notification of replies on topics finally works!

Apart from that finetuning is needed as per all the comments above.

In any case thanks for taking the time to do all this work!

Mar 16th, '16, 03:23
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by z_lamp » Mar 16th, '16, 03:23

Here are the most prominent issues I see:

Thread page listings are not displayed at the top of threads. This makes navigation through a thread unnecessarily difficult.

Too much space is given to too little text. This pattern is consistent across the site.

There is no way to go directly to the end of a thread from a subforum in one click. This makes checking previously visited threads tedious. "view unread" doesn't count; this requires users to be logged in and assumes they want to read everything they've missed.

The topic header on each post is much, much, much too large. It is miles less important than the text of the post itself and should be formatted accordingly.

Nearly half of my 1280x800 screen is taken up by padding when I open a thread. This is an incredibly inefficient use of space.

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Mar 16th, '16, 10:29
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by hopeofdawn » Mar 16th, '16, 10:29

Current comments: definitely agree that new text format is almost impossible to read. Light gray on light purple with tiny font=eyestrain--please fix this. :(

Seconding the request for a recent activity button/link--that was always my first stop on the old format, so that I could see the new active posts without going through each topic one by one.

A bit late now, but it would have been nice to have a heads-up before the site got revamped, just so we knew it was coming. Or was that posted and I missed it?

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Mar 16th, '16, 10:57
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by debunix » Mar 16th, '16, 10:57

Black on white is best for reading, black on grey is harder for those with less perfect eyes to view. Colored background are beloved by young graphic designers with good eyes but not appreciated by everyone else. Stick with SIMPLE and LEGIBLE, please.

I need my 'active topics' button back. Fortunately this link that I have bookmarked still soft of works, but I can't see the topic I just posted in showing up, so maybe it doesn't show topics as new if I was the last one to post? Anyway, posting here for others to copy and bookmark until the forum puts the button back that we otherwise used: ... ive_topics

And I also want a simple way to go from that, to 'mark all as read' and back to active topics view--so I can 'quiet' the topics I'm not following.

Tapatalk doesn't let me login to the forum, as I wrote elsewhere.

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Mar 16th, '16, 18:33
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by Chip » Mar 16th, '16, 18:33

I cannot say I like the appearance and color scheme at all, really. And there are so many function issues to this day, I honestly have to wonder why this was rolled out and made public at this time.

Many of the issues mentioned, I brought to the attention of Adagio at least 16 months ago when a change was ... planned. I had not heard a word since then.

Still, knowing Adagio, I cannot believe that they are satisfied with this result ... and they will do whatever is necessary.

Mar 16th, '16, 20:18
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by Bef » Mar 16th, '16, 20:18

Honestly I've seen much more critical websites go down for hours or have all sorts of catastrophic issues after changes were rolled out. Government websites, online banking websites, ISP's infrastructure, etc. I could provide a pretty long list of catastrophic IT rollout fails.

This is just a tea chatroom with a few posts every day guys. Let's give Adagio some time to fix it, it's mostly look & feel issues, ain't no big deal or anything that can't be fine-tuned...

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Mar 16th, '16, 20:37
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Re: New Look, Work in Progress...

by debunix » Mar 16th, '16, 20:37

I can't automatically highlight something in a previous post, click 'quote' and have it properly formatted.

I found this out because I was just trying to second this point

"This is just a tea chatroom with a few posts every day guys."

And that's totally true. But we who have hung out here for a while are very very fond of this place, and so grateful that it's here.

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