Apology for wrong parameters

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May 3rd, '16, 17:49
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Apology for wrong parameters

by ethan » May 3rd, '16, 17:49

I used to say things like, "one level teaspoon of tea per cup".

Reading threads that give more specific measurements, usually in grams & milliliters, I thought to be more exact. I borrowed a scale & took out a measuring pitcher. Then I started saying things like, "one gram per 60 ml".

I found out I had used a defective scale. I use much more tea than I thought. My heaping teaspoons of tea are > 4 grams, rounded teaspoons > 3 grams, level about 2.5 grams. In short, I use at least double the amount of leaves than I thought I did.

I apologize for all of the back & forth on threads about how I use so much less & some of you use so much more. Fortunately, I think most of us prepare tea as we think is best & not by others' suggestions.


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May 3rd, '16, 19:47
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Re: Apology for wrong parameters

by miig » May 3rd, '16, 19:47

Hi Ethan,
its not really my place to accept your apology or not, but still: As far as I am concerned, you are excused :mrgreen:

I mean, sure, sometimes one wants to recreate a certain situation and therefore control all the parameters involved as precisely as possible. But then, there is so many of them involved that this can only go so far... whether it is 5.2 grams or 6.4, in the end, this alone will not make such a big difference.
May we all enjoy today's tea to the fullest, as it won't occur again, no matter what. 8)

May 4th, '16, 23:54
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Re: Apology for wrong parameters

by daidokorocha » May 4th, '16, 23:54

I sympathize with this as I never weigh anything and have no idea how much tea I am really using. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to be very specific and exacting about everything concerning ratios, temperature, among other things, but then sometimes I find this frustrates the process and I spend too much time on this rather than simply enjoying the tea.

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May 5th, '16, 00:13
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Re: Apology for wrong parameters

by jayinhk » May 5th, '16, 00:13


It all makes sense now. I was wondering how you were getting good results with tiny amounts of leaf! ;) I know you like your tea lighter than most, but it sounded like you were drinking warm water! :lol:

I made the same mistake re: measurements when I first got on TC. Don't beat yourself up about it!
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May 5th, '16, 04:45
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Re: Apology for wrong parameters

by kuánglóng » May 5th, '16, 04:45

ethan wrote:
Fortunately, I think most of us prepare tea as we think is best & not by others' suggestions.

You bet. Regarding the use of scales, thermometers, watches, etc... I still use them on a regular basis; either for new teas (tasting notes) or to re-calibrate my senses. With a bit of training it's possible to guess any temperature, weight, time, volume pretty precisely - excellent training for the nervous system and lots of fun for that old scientist.


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