Introduction to teachat

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Feb 25th, '17, 11:03
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Introduction to teachat

by mael » Feb 25th, '17, 11:03


My name is Mael and I live in France, I like tea, teaware and I enjoy reading this forum a lot ! :D

I would like to thank all the members sharing their knowledge and experience, and also the people sharing reviews of the teas they drink. I will try to do the same and maybe give other tea enthousiasts the envy to drink some teas I enjoyed drinking.

Have a nice week end !

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Feb 25th, '17, 16:55
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Re: Introduction to teachat

by cwj » Feb 25th, '17, 16:55

Welcome Mael :)
I just joined recently as well. Good people here and tons of interesting posts.
Take care,

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Mar 25th, '17, 16:39
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Re: Introduction to teachat

by williammimi70 » Mar 25th, '17, 16:39

Hi to eneryone
I am Toan ,I live in the UK
I am a pathological hoarder :D
I enjoy this forum very much and hope to learn more about yixing teapots
Thank you

Mar 25th, '17, 17:00
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Re: Introduction to teachat

by steanze » Mar 25th, '17, 17:00


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Mar 25th, '17, 17:36
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Re: Introduction to teachat

by William » Mar 25th, '17, 17:36

Welcome Toan and Mael! :)

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Mar 26th, '17, 05:25
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Re: Introduction to teachat

by kuánglóng » Mar 26th, '17, 05:25

Welcome aboard!

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