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Apr 1st, '17, 05:52
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by Candana » Apr 1st, '17, 05:52


I'm an Australian Buddhist monk living in the south of Myanmar (Burma) for the last six years. I like to drink puer and red tea. I have a modest collection of pu er, most about 15 years old that has been stored in penang. I am on a mission to find some great Myanmar tea, which I am sure exists but there is no local demand for it.
If you ever visit the south of Myanmar come and say hi and experience the worlds largest meditation centre : Pa Auk Forest Monastery.

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Apr 3rd, '17, 19:23
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Re: Hello

by suetcha » Apr 3rd, '17, 19:23

Hi Candana,

Am sure you'll find some exquisite tea there. Access to Myanmar border has dwindled due to establishment of border walls, so I've been told. 2 of my raw puerh collection was from Myanmar border.

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Apr 4th, '17, 10:36
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Re: Hello

by Steve@Adagio » Apr 4th, '17, 10:36

Welcome to TeaChat, Candana! We're so happy to have you :D

Don't forget to tell us about your favorite tea over on "What's in your cup?"

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