Apr 20th, '17, 12:37
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Yorkshire loose leaf vs. bags: same tea?

by FinestTippy » Apr 20th, '17, 12:37

Can I expect that Yorkshire tea as loose leaf or in bags will be in fact the same tea? Would the same go for other supermarket brands such as Barry's, PG Tips, Typhoo, etc.? They're all CTC teas, right?

Curiously, when I tear open a bag of Yorkshire or Barry's and brew a cup, it's quite astringent as compared to brewing it in a bag. Having more contact between leaf and water really matters.

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Apr 20th, '17, 14:03
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Re: Yorkshire loose leaf vs. bags: same tea?

by Steve@Adagio » Apr 20th, '17, 14:03

I would guess that the reason it seems more astringent when you tear open the bag is that the material the bag is made of is holding in some of the oils and tiny tea particles that you're able to get more of when steeping it out of the bag since there is less of a barrier.

Unfortunately, I don't know if they'll necessarily have the same tea bagged vs loose. I would assume that if they use pyramid bags, the tea is probably the same as their loose option. That's the way Adagio bags their teas, at least.

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