black tea cake storage question

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May 13th 17 4:13 pm
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black tea cake storage question

by beanbag » May 13th 17 4:13 pm

I have a few pressed cakes made from black tea. (Not puer) I have a few from Yunnan Sourcing, as well as a 2005 Dian Hong from Tao of Tea. What is the best storage condition for them? For example, the Tao of Tea cake came in a wooden box with a loosely fitting plastic lid. I could also store them in airtight mylar ziploc bags, and have the option of adding a Boveda humidity pack or silica desiccant pack, depending of what the idea storage humidity is. I know puer wants a particular humidity, but I don't know for black tea.

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May 13th 17 9:09 pm
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Re: black tea cake storage question

by miig » May 13th 17 9:09 pm

Well, I'd guess you won't want to age this tea for too many years, but just store it for a while until you drink it. In that case, I'd ziplock it without further ado.

A desiccant might result in overly dry tea, and adding humidity will only make sense if you want to encourage and support microbial fermentation. I don't say that this cannot yield good results, but if you like the tea the way it is, I'd go with the simplest of soutions.