Tea Latte

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

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May 17th, '17, 22:24
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Tea Latte

by janet11 » May 17th, '17, 22:24

I found that people can accept the tea with milk when I asked the question about milk tea, so I decide to try it. I feel the tasty is very good to add some milk making more smooth if you can't accept tea with bitter feeling. I would like to recommend the recipe of Tea Latte to you what I have tried by myself.
It features a breakfast tea blend and moves this recipe into the 'wake-me-up' category for busy mornings. How to make it?
First, Steep 2 teaspoons of tea leaves in boiling water for 5 minutes.
Second, Strain tea leaves.
Third, Pour into 16-ounce shaker filled 2/3 with ice cubes and shake well.
Fourth, Steam or froth 2 ounces of milk or milk substitute to twice its original volume.
Finally, Add iced tea to milk and sweeten with honey, agave or vanilla if desired.
Do you want to have a try ?
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May 17th, '17, 22:30
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Re: Tea Latte

by ginagreen » May 17th, '17, 22:30

Tea lattes are often sweetened with sugar or honey, and can be modified into flavored lattes with caramel, vanilla, chocolate and other flavorings (which are usually added in the form of a syrup).
Like caffe lattes, tea lattes can also be prepared as iced drinks or as blended drinks.
Examples: chai latte, matcha green tea latte, Earl Grey latte.

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