Iced Tea with Rasberry

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Jun 24th 05 10:22 pm

Iced Tea with Rasberry

by atomic101 » Jun 24th 05 10:22 pm

I really love Arizona Iced Tea with Raspberry Flavor, and was wondering if anyone knows and would like to share how to make it, or something similiar.

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Jun 27th 05 1:09 pm
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by chris » Jun 27th 05 1:09 pm

Thanks for the post.

Our raspberry-flavored black tea can be seen here:

To make iced tea, ssimply double the amount of tea leaves (making it two teaspoons per cup of water), and steep as usual (five minutes in most cases). Once tea is ready, dilute with an equal amount of cold water or ice. Garnish with mint or lemon, and enjoy its great taste.


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