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Sep 19th 17 8:18 am
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New Chai Tea website

by Paula » Sep 19th 17 8:18 am

I'm Paula a food scientist and i love to make good use of local recipe and ingredient. This made me fall in love with Indian traditional tea popularly known as MASALA CHAI and i've given my time to make research on it to let others know exactly what they've been missing.
The tea is made with natural spices with each having great health benefits. You will find more on each tea on my website.
I'm glad to be here.

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Sep 19th 17 7:05 pm
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Re: New Chai Tea website

by LAC » Sep 19th 17 7:05 pm


true with the spices, was also important
in its day and perhaps more than the gold the incense in the route of the silk.
Thanks for the input
Good job

Greetings from Spain

Lluis Abad