Order - Air cushion envelope caught mold!

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Oct 24th 17 8:13 pm
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Order - Air cushion envelope caught mold!

by VanFersen » Oct 24th 17 8:13 pm

Ahoi there,

it seems I am not that lucky this year when it comes to tea related orders. Today I received an air cushion envelope from Esgreen. I ordered 20 smaller doypacks for better storing my sample stuff I got. The envelope looked quite dirty put that would have been no problem as long as the inside was secure and safe. But then I noticed that on one it caught water (somewhere on its way from China to Vienna) and because of the tape they wrapped around and the air between the tape and the actual paper outside of the envelope caught water white fury mold grew at this spot. Without the tape the stuff would have just dried! I carefully as possible opened the envelope.

The 20 doypacks inside are looking totally fine. No stains or strange scent - every more than normal. Inside there is this bubble foil so the question is if it is even possible for mold to fight its way through this bubble layer on the inside. I just noticed that the wet big stain on the outside was also slightly seen on the inside at the same spot but on the inside I couldn't actually indicate any actual mold like on the outside.

But as some of you know - Mold is not always visible especial the fine spores could be everywhere - so I am a bit concerned now using those bags for my pu-erh pieces because I don't want to ruin my pu-erh storage place. Just consider the possibility that there are actually non visible spores on those doypacks - is there a way to wipe them off or is it safer and better to throw them away?

In the past because of stupid beginners mistakes I ruined 3 whole cakes and that's why I am a bit oversensitive when it comes to my Pu's :wink:

Oct 29th 17 8:49 pm
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Re: Order - Air cushion envelope caught mold!

by 12Tea » Oct 29th 17 8:49 pm

Do you have pictures of the envelopes you're talking about? Maybe a picture of the outside and inside of the envelope?