Nov 9th 17 1:09 am
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Which teas for these four pots?

by Aquarama » Nov 9th 17 1:09 am

I just returned from China and I ended up buying a few pots so now I have four and I would like to select teas for them so I can start using them.

I know I have some time to decide but I was wondering these shapes or types of clay lend them selves to certain types of teas. I drink black/red tea, oolong, young raw puerh (nothing more than 20 years old) and shou puerh.



I tried to buy good quality pots new pots (wish I knew how to buy vintage ones). I believe they are all hand formed (no idea though since I don't speak Mandarin and everyone says their pots a completely hand made of the best quality clay)

Left to right:
1) "Coin" colored Duani, 150ml, 124 grams, the walls are thick and the clay seems very porous, 9 holes. I bought this pot and the second from a tea market in Shanghai. This pot was made by an "assistant professional" according to the paperwork (translated by Google). I met the artist and she said the clay has been in her family for over 60 years. Her mother made the second pot 2)

2) Red clay (I don't know if it is Zhuni or Hongni), 140ml, 95 grams, thin walls (second thinnest I have), 7 holes. Made by a master craftswoman. Her website is She does some bamboo woven yixing pots which are amazing.

3) Red clay (I again don't know what type), 150ml, 77grams, very thin walls, 7 holes. Purchased this one in Nanjing. What I was told that the artist is a master craftswoman and that together with her husband they own a klin or a clay factory.....or something.

4) Zhuni, 120ml, 140 grams, thick walls, 7 holes, hand formed. Bought this one from a local store.


Is there a place which shows the names of the traditional shapes? I don't think the Duani one is a traditional shape.

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Dec 2nd 17 10:32 pm
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Re: Which teas for these four pots?

by tingjunkie » Dec 2nd 17 10:32 pm

Nice ones. As always, the pot chooses the tea. As a starting point though, 4 looks like a natural fit for yancha. 3 looks like a possible fit with green TGY or gao shan, or it may even work for young sheng. 1 is probably a good candidate for cooked puerh.

Testing and experimenting with different teas is part of the fun. Enjoy!

Dec 3rd 17 10:44 am
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Re: Which teas for these four pots?

by Aya » Dec 3rd 17 10:44 am

Very nice!
I'd try Goshan and light roasted ding dong with 2 and 3. Yancha for 4.

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Dec 6th 17 4:33 am
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Re: Which teas for these four pots?

by bagua7 » Dec 6th 17 4:33 am

Duanni —> cooked and raw pu
The two red ones —> oolong, the taller one Taiwanese.
The last one —-> oolong as well but no high elevation from Taiwan as these seem to have affinity for tall & thinish pots.

Oolong? Any type but for the roasted ones is better using a zini pot which you missed to buy.

Enjoy the new babies :)