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Dec 29th 17 8:33 pm
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by AndrewGC » Dec 29th 17 8:33 pm

Hey all! :)

Andrew w/ Adagio here. This will be my first of many posts and comments. I know there are similar threads going, but I'd like to start a new one about Traditions. Without sounding too much like Tevye, traditions are a big part of all of our lives! I'd love to hear some of your Tea Traditions!

Full disclosure, my family are mostly coffee drinkers. This Christmas holiday, I brought home some yummy Adagio teas and dug out (and washed out) an old family tea set from the attic. I walked my parents and sister through the steps of making a simple pot of tea, I talked all about what I've been learning at Adagio, and we shared stories involving teas together. We all shared the tea together. (Decaf Spice since some people in the fam are caffeine free). It was a lovely moment, and hopefully a new tradition with my family.

Tea traditions can come in any shape, size, or length. As I type from my desk (pictured), I have a cup of my favorite afternoon herbal tea waiting for the first sip.
(thats my dog, Rozzie) Just the little moment I take to make the cup of tea is a tradition I look forward to every day.

Let me know some of your favorite tea moments and tea traditions... tea-ditions?

Thanks everyone. Looking forward to reading and getting to know you!
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