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Jan 22nd 18 7:53 pm
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by Adanys » Jan 22nd 18 7:53 pm

Hi. I'm new to loose leaf tea and new on the site as well.
I never got into tea because for a while there bagged tea was all I ever had, and I was not a fan.
Then I had loose leaf tea on a few occasions and I saw what I was missing. So I purchased some from Adagio and now I'm constantly sipping on tea throughout the day.
My favorite is black tea, it satisfies my need for caffeine really well and has a nice strong flavor. I also really like chai tea. I usually drink my tea plain, no sweeteners or milk.
I am hoping to learn more about tea, and to discover new teas, brewing methods, uses, benefits, and recipes. :)

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Jan 22nd 18 9:58 pm
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Re: Hello

by AndrewGC » Jan 22nd 18 9:58 pm

Hi Adanys!

Welcome! :o We're really glad to have you! I'm Andrew from Adagio! A lot of the information you're asking is up here already! Check out many of the other topics and posts!

Feel free to message me anytime with questions too! Whats your favorite black tea right now?

Hope all is well, and once again welcome!