Black Tea for Someone Who Hates Black Tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Nov 11th 18 4:55 am
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Black Tea for Someone Who Hates Black Tea

by MagicMirror4 » Nov 11th 18 4:55 am

I've never liked black tea. It's bitter and the taste sits on the back of my tongue. Earl Grey and English Breakfast particularly. The issue is, the blends that I would like to get often have black tea. Is there something that I'm doing wrong, or is there a specific type that I should try?

Also any recommendations for jasmine and chai (I actually dislike sweet teas, is there a way for it to not be so sweet)?

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Apr 5th 19 7:02 pm
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Re: Black Tea for Someone Who Hates Black Tea

by AndrewGC » Apr 5th 19 7:02 pm

Hey MagicMirror4!

Was looking through some posts and saw that no one has responded :cry:

We can definitely help! Firstly, you might try brewing for shorter periods of time. A lighter brew won't have that very tannic quality in black teas that you don't like.

You might have better luck with some black teas which contain more buds, like Golden Spring, or Golden Monkey. Or even a nice Darjeeling. These tend to be lighter in style that the darker and more oxidized Ceylon or Keemun teas in a breakfast or Earl Grey.

At Adagio, our Jasmine and Chai teas are not sweetened in any way. Where have you had Chai teas which were sweeter? Often times when you order Chai in a coffee shop its actually super-sugary syrup. A nice clean Chai should be spicy!

Hope this helps a little and gives you some options to try!
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Apr 30th 19 1:58 am
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Re: Black Tea for Someone Who Hates Black Tea

by machastudio » Apr 30th 19 1:58 am

I think there's an issue with your steeping time with your black tea. Like what Andrew said, you have to brew your tea for a short period of time to avoid more tannin that gives your tea a more astringent and bitter taste. If it's too strong try pouring some milk if only you would prefer.

Aug 1st 19 5:34 am
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Re: Black Tea for Someone Who Hates Black Tea

by Spanky » Aug 1st 19 5:34 am

Anather very good brand you can try is ADAGIO Tea I think you can find it in Chicago and also Online. I used to drink it all the time before I moved to Hong Kong. I miss it :(

Feb 13th 20 11:49 pm
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Re: Black Tea for Someone Who Hates Black Tea

by isabellamor » Feb 13th 20 11:49 pm

Just like you, I am also not a fan of black tea. I feel like the taste is to strong, the reason why I tend to drink Jasmine and Hisbiscus tea as it tastes way better.

Feb 17th 20 9:37 am
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Re: Black Tea for Someone Who Hates Black Tea

by michael_s_k » Feb 17th 20 9:37 am


I absolutely understand your sentiment. Unfortunately, most black tea that is sold in western countries is of very low quality and meant to be consumed with milk and sugar. In order to keep the taste of such a tea appropriate for drinking it pure, indeed you would have to shorten the steeping time, thus keeping the tea from getting too bitter.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of quality of most black tea, it is unlikely that any particularly enjoyable aromas will come out of this tea if steeped briefly.

A practical solution to your problem would be to simply buy a bit more expensive, higher quality black tea. You could try an organic Darjeeling First Flush, for example, which will often have some floral notes that come out beautifully after a quick steeping. It tastes nothing like the black tea offered in most supermarkets. Alternatively, you can try a Japanese black tea, which in turn has a very unique taste spectrum (it's a bit darker and more rich, and also somewhat astringent, but usually not overly so). Chinese (black) teas directly from Yunnan are usually excellent as well. Either way, I would recommend to find a manufacturer who provides teas from organic farming, to ensure high quality and pesticide-free enjoyment. Additionally, properly manufactured Chinese teas are offered in different grades of quality, whereas the lowest grades are meant for everyday drinking, and the highest grades are meant for special occasions. I might add that none of even the lowest grade Chinese black teas will be as offensive to your taste buds as are the cheap store-bought tea bags.

If you are going to buy tea mixtures containing low-quality black tea, you can try reducing the steeping temperature to between 60-90°C. This will often lead to less bitter taste coming out of the black tea, and might be just enough for the aromas of your other tea ingredients to unfold.

Oct 30th 20 1:08 pm
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Re: Black Tea for Someone Who Hates Black Tea

by Lisachocke32 » Oct 30th 20 1:08 pm

What if I need something which will have an effect on me like it makes ground coffee.
I used to drink Kimera coffee mix. But I realized it's not really good for me to drink it on a regular base, so I'm looking for something which will make the same effect as this kind of coffee. Some mates said me I need to find an ideal black tea for these needs, but I'm not sure what to start with.