Feb 28th 19 12:56 am
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Alcohol brazier - plate to distribute the heat

by Beta Smiles » Feb 28th 19 12:56 am

Hi there

I have a tetsubin. I currently heat it (and keep it warm) by infra red hotplate.

I would like to switch to a method of boiling on the hotplate, and then switching to an alcohol brazier to keep warm (for purely aesthetic reasons - the alcohol brazier looks nicer and doesn't make a sound).

Instead of having the tetsubin directly over the alcohol flame, I would like to have it on a plate of some sort (maybe steel or clay) to distribute the heat from the flame and to avoid the kettle from getting a localised rust spot on its base.

Has anyone had any experience doing this? I'd be grateful for any recommendations for how it DIY such a plate or source one.