Greeting from Finland/Philippines!

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Aug 15th 19 3:34 am
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Greeting from Finland/Philippines!

by JoonasJ » Aug 15th 19 3:34 am

Hello everyone!

My name is Joonas and I come from Helsinki, Finland. Currently, I am living in the Philippines and staying at home with our 2-year-old son while my wife is working.

I like all kinds of teas, but Yerba Mate and other herbal teas are my passion. Yerba Mate is healthy, delicious and gives me the energy to play with my son and work from home. From other herbal teas, I like especially ginger, rooibos, mint and licorice tea. Well, actually I like many other too, but the list would be too long... :)

I have my own website about Yerba Mate and herbal teas, you can check it out here:
and follow the Facebook page to get updates of my new posts:

Great to be part of this community!

All the best,