TeaTime Thursdays

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Sep 13th 19 1:06 am
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TeaTime Thursdays

by jah23591 » Sep 13th 19 1:06 am

This week, I am indulging in a green tea, flavored by peach and hibiscus flowers, sweetened with honey. With Pumpkin Spice Belvita cookies.

Sep 15th 19 7:02 am
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Re: TeaTime Thursdays

by tom4years » Sep 15th 19 7:02 am

I have not tried that before. I always drink green tea made in Sri Lanka or Japan. I buy "lowsugardrinks" brand of green tea. They are so natural, great taste and no sugar added. Could you share where you buy yours?

Sep 20th 19 6:53 am
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Re: TeaTime Thursdays

by Benheld » Sep 20th 19 6:53 am

Looks like a new one. I would like to give a try for this.