Tea flask

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Dec 27th 19 9:03 am
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Tea flask

by Anda » Dec 27th 19 9:03 am

I have two flasks, one very ancient Thermos which is losing its capacity to keep drinks hot and a fairly new one which has never been really good, loses heat quite quickly and gives a very flasky taste to tea.

I used mine quite often and it is an automatic thing to pack along with sandwiches etc.for a day out hiking or exploring or long distance travel.

Wonder if anyone can suggest a nice flask (I'm not trying to cut corners on price if it provides a good cuppa! as I think it really pays for itself over and over) that keeps beverages hot and doesn't give that flasky taste (goodness knows how that comes about? inner plastic?).

Appreciate any suggestions.

Apr 2nd 20 5:51 am
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Re: Tea flask

by Mare of Earth » Apr 2nd 20 5:51 am

I have has great luck with both Zojirushi and Sip by S’well flasks.