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Mar 27th 20 6:35 pm
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Tea Vendor Forum Guidelines

by Bridgette » Mar 27th 20 6:35 pm

Welcome to the TeaVendor Guide Forum!

In order to keep things as fair as possible, to prevent abuse, and to prevent chaos, there are guidelines below.

Your input is always welcome!

General Forum rules still apply unless an exception is stated here.

1. Vendors may advertise their teas in the Tea Vendor section of the forum only.

2. In each vendor created topic members are encouraged to post replies, declaring if they are a fan and/or customer. Positive reviews are encouraged as this will most help members figure out what to try.

If you had a negative experience that you want to convey in the vendor's topic, please give careful consideration before posting. If you have a negative review of a product tested, please be specific (in other words, don't say something like, "tried this vendor and did not like it"). Details are important and only fair.

While I would like this forum to remain as positive as possible, I realize that change for the better can come through constructive criticism. A question to ask before posting a negative experience is, "Did I communicate the problem directly to the vendor? Did I receive a satisfactory reply?"

Not everyone will like every tea from every vendor. Sharing what you do like and why is most beneficial.

3. The vendors may comment in their respective topic, post rebuttals, but must be considerate.

Rebuttals by vendors
In the event of a negative review by a member, a vendor may request permission to post a rebuttal. They must FIRST ask me for permission! No exceptions. Rebuttals posted without permission will be removed from the topic. You may email me at teachat@adagio.com or PM me directly.

4. Vendor Topics can be removed at the discretion of a Moderator for review.

5. New member posts within vendor topics will be monitored, and suspected false testimonials will be deleted. This is a judgement call, albeit, but historically, false testimonials have been a significant source of forum spam.

6. OK, this isn't a rule or guideline, but just wanted to reiterate that I'm looking to create fun and excitement back on TeaChat, and if you're a vendor reading this PLEASE REACH OUT! Would love to host giveaways, contests, and more!

Happy posting!
Adagio Online Community Manager