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Apr 25th 20 3:54 am
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Yixing Clay Pot and Poor Pour Quality. . :(

by Sunyatea » Apr 25th 20 3:54 am

Hey teaheads, I recently purchased a very cheap 20$ Yixing Sisha Claypot from Amazon. I'm pretty certain its an authentic Yixing Sisha Clay Pot but unfortunately am having an issue with the pour quality.

I've experimented with Tea quantity, different types of Puerh (big leaf, small, loose) and it seems that loose leaf Puerhs do the best when it comes to Tea moving through the spout with ease, other wise it seems as if something is jammed up in there and the water pour's out quite slowly and with low pressure.

Of course, big leaf Puerhs may close the spout holes upon decanting but still, is this a common problem with low quality Yixing's? Might anyone know how to fix this issue? I'd hate to have this beautiful teapot go to waste just sitting around only to look pretty on the shelve.

P,s, Below are the pictures from amazon. Thanks for reading and for any advice!!
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Apr 25th 20 8:24 pm
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Re: Yixing Clay Pot and Poor Pour Quality. . :(

by sporad » Apr 25th 20 8:24 pm

May I ask how are you sure it's real zisha? I don't think many in this forum would trust a 20 buck buy from Amazon to be one... I hope you have at least made sure it doesn't give off a chemical smell when pouring hot water into it because there's many pots out there posing as Yixings that are toxic.

In any case, this is what the very helpful teaism99 suggests to unclog a filter:

Good luck!

Apr 26th 20 2:36 am
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Re: Yixing Clay Pot and Poor Pour Quality. . :(

by FBee » Apr 26th 20 2:36 am

Pretty certain based on what? A hunch or feeling is a pretty poor replacement for actual facts.

Price is a pretty good indication it isn’t or at least not of good quality

Jun 27th 20 11:01 pm
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Re: Yixing Clay Pot and Poor Pour Quality. . :(

by viv8tea » Jun 27th 20 11:01 pm

Do you mind dropping the seller link? I’m curious to see if they still have any teapots left in stock! I’m very new to the yixing teapot community, but the one you bought seems to have very nice shape and color.