Powdered roasted yerba mate? (brown powder)

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May 6th 20 5:20 pm
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Powdered roasted yerba mate? (brown powder)

by almix12 » May 6th 20 5:20 pm

Hi there, I remember in a collective I used to live in, I was given a bag of powdered roasted yerba and it was delicious but I can't find the brand.
It was a fine brown powder and you just mixed it with water. As I say, I can't remember what the brand was but I would love to get my hands on some! Does anyone know of anything like this and where I might be able to find it?
Many thanks,

May 7th 20 10:42 pm
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Re: Powdered roasted yerba mate? (brown powder)

by almix12 » May 7th 20 10:42 pm

Anyone know what I'm talking about by chance?

Jan 12th 22 1:07 am
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Re: Powdered roasted yerba mate? (brown powder)

by mixiekins » Jan 12th 22 1:07 am

I happened to buy that variety by mistake, it was a Brazilian brand, so hopefully that's a starting point. All other varieties I've ever seen were leaf flakes that came either with or without stems; this matcha-lile variety was perplexing. Unfortunately I don't recall the brand name or how it looked, as it was a bad experience.

I'm more familiar with the leaf-and-stem varieties that are made in a gourd with bombilla, as my husband is Argentinian, so we were both perplexed to find that the kilo of the Brazilian stuff was entirely powder. What's confusing is that in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and all other neighbors we're familiar with, we understand that the opinion is shared that powder is undesirable, and many elderly folks used to actually winnow their purchase to get a smoother drink. (This is why the gourd is upended with a palm covering the mouth, and shaken, to bring the dust to the top so as to be filtered by the more intact leaves.) So, that in mind, we had no idea how to brew it and even tried an espresso-like method of packing it, but ultimately couldn't find any infonor experimentation that made it palatable. I ended up composting the entire kilo and ordered Taraguii from Pampa Direct, and the vendor I got the Brazil style from stopped carrying all mate all together due to complaints, seems we weren't alone in being confused by it.

We did try to search the Spanish intenet for any info on how to prepare it, but seeing as how they speak Portuguese in Brazil, there wasn't a shred of info to be had. Perhaps if you try some Brazilian groups you could find a lead.

Hope this helps!!