May 11th 20 9:36 pm
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Travel mug with infuser

by VoGerbits » May 11th 20 9:36 pm

Can anyone recommend a good travel mug with an infuser? I need something durable and that won't leak, since it'll mostly be in a wheelchair cupholder and get jostled around a lot. I'd like it to keep my teas hot, but not *too* hot (I don't want to still be burning my mouth after half an hour).

May 13th 20 4:38 pm
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Re: Travel mug with infuser

by Ajierene » May 13th 20 4:38 pm

I tried to find my old one online. I have one from Adagio now and while I really like it, it may keep tea to hot for you. I know I leave the lid off for a bit after I brew it and leave it popped open in the car while driving to work to get it down to drinking temperature.

The closest I found to my old one is here: ... B004O2983U

I don't think the company that made mine is still in business - I got it as a present several years ago and it lasted 5 or more years with my rough treatment. I don't recall the tea being as hot as with my Adagio tumbler. The difference may be the material - the Adagio one is metal where mine and this one are plastic. I don't think they hold heat as well.

I have another double wall thermos that is metal and I can leave it in freezing temperatures for hours and still have hot tea - so I think the material is important to determine how hot you want to keep your tea.