Aug 25th 20 4:38 pm
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wine and unglazed ceramics

by LeoFox » Aug 25th 20 4:38 pm

Recently, I started wondering if the amazing effects of unglazed ceramics on tea can be beneficial to wine. For example, can a yixing pot be used as a mini decanter for wine? Can we even devote specific pots to specific wines to get seasoning effects?

I can imagine using an overly large clay pot that is too big for gong fu tea that many of us mistakenly purchase early in our tea journey; it can have a new life as a decanter for those highly tannic barolo wines.

I have not found any discussion of this from the tea community though i found an intriguing old thread from wine spectator: ... ect-tannin

I am interested in hearing from other people here about this.