Mar 1st 22 3:48 pm
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Help: Partly Unglazed Shibo

by fenjams » Mar 1st 22 3:48 pm


I have a question concerning glazing of teaware.

Recently I bought a beautiful handmade (ceramic) Shiboridashi online.
Now that I hold it in my hand, I see that the shibo isn't completely glazed inside. A small outer circle of the lid, as well as the spout (i hope that's the fitting english term) of the shibo aren't glazed.

As I want to use this Shibo to brew all sorts of teas for hopefully a really long time, I'm a little worried about these unglazed parts. Maybe they will take on the taste of some heavier dark teas, so that it will be difficult to brew something like white tea in it?

Does anyone have some experience with such situation/teaware? I never used unglazed teaware before.

I would be happy about any thoughts and replies.

(As I'm new here, I hope I choose a fitting section for this question.)