Pu-Erh and hormones/testosterone

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Apr 9th 22 1:23 pm
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Pu-Erh and hormones/testosterone

by waikikibar » Apr 9th 22 1:23 pm

Hey everyone. Im very interested in understanding the hormonal effects of puerh, as ive just started drinking a lot of both ripe and raw.

From my understanding and research puerh lowers cholesterol and has some type of interaction with how the body produces or breaks down fat. It also triggers certain hormones to be produced in the body. Cholesterol and fat is the building block for sex hormones like testosterone - so im assuming there must be some hormonal impacts, wether it is positive or negative, i have no clue.

A google search was coming up empty. But as im drinking so much, id like to know what its doing in my body. Hopefully it is not lowering my testosterone or messing with my hormone levels.

Looking forward to hearing if anyone has information or experience on this.

Apr 17th 22 8:05 am
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Re: Pu-Erh and hormones/testosterone

by 12Tea » Apr 17th 22 8:05 am

I think the health effects should be taken with a grain of salt. It's hard to have a factual discussion without experts here. But effects are fairly mild, and most researches I read only show significant results/proof, when high concentrations of pu erh are given to mice.

I am not aware of studies on human with decent scale for pu erh. There are great studies for green tea though with humans involved.