Jun 28th 23 6:31 pm
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Polished Yixing Clay?

by Alaingaskin » Jun 28th 23 6:31 pm


My girl got me a Duanni Teapot. As I was opening the box I noticed the teapot was really shiny. Not shiny like having a patina, like really really shiny.

I examined closely and the clay seems about the right texture, it doesn’t have any funky smells and overall seems very well designed. Tested it with some tea and it performs fine. Except for the fact that the outside of the pot doesn’t behave like a regular Yixing. It feels almost vitrified and it doesn’t absorb water the way all Yixings do.

The interior of the pot is not glazed/polished and it seems fine as far as I can tell. The bottom of the pot and a tiny surface around the knob in the lid doesn’t look as shiny, which makes me think the glossy feel was maybe achieved by hand?

Has anyone else heard something about Yixing Pots being polished?

Will this maybe affect the “breathability” of the teapot? 🤔





Posted a video here.

https://www.reddit.com/r/YixingClayTeap ... ng_teapot/

Thank you!