Hi everyone!

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Nov 12th 23 10:57 pm
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Hi everyone!

by sofikkkkkkko » Nov 12th 23 10:57 pm

Hello tea community 🍵✨

Let me introduce myself - Sofiko, a passionate tea lover with a subtle tenderness and warmth in every sip. I decided to join this wonderful forum to share my love for the aromatic drink and, of course, to find new friends who enjoy tea as much as I do.

My tea journey began in the usual way: with a glass of black tea in the morning sun. Since then, I have explored a variety of teas from around the world: from fragrant oolong to exotic pu-erh. I love the depth of the tea world and its ability to transport me to other worlds, to reveal a unique bouquet of flavor and aroma.

And now I'm here, on this forum, hoping to find friends with whom I can discuss my favorite teas, exchange brewing tips and share my tea experiences. If you have your own favorite teas or interesting recipes, don't hesitate to share! I'm very interested in learning about your tea adventures.

Let every sip of tea be like a magical journey into the world of taste and pleasure for you. I hope for magical tea conversations and new friendships!!!!

Warmth to you all and tea in your glasses!!!!