Video feedback

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Do you have a video camera installed/attached to your computer?

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Apr 21st 08 10:09 pm
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Video feedback

by ilya » Apr 21st 08 10:09 pm

We have just introduced video reviews on Adagio Teas. In addition to posting regular text reviews of the products you purchased from, you can now record a video of yourself talking about the product. This feature is still in beta and we would love to get a few of you to try it out.

Additionally, we have added the ability to record a video promoting your own signature blend teas. You can view the following two examples:
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Apr 21st 08 10:12 pm
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Re: Video feedback

by Chip » Apr 21st 08 10:12 pm

Very koolz!

Another innovation brought to you by adagio...

I needz a web cam in order to mod this forum properly :shock: !!!! And a new laptop...I will submit a requisition! :wink: