Mother's Day 2008

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Have tea, will travel today?

Yes, I am visiting Mom with tea in tow
No, I am visiting Mom, but roughing it TeaWise
Family is visiting my home, so, plenty of tea on hand
Just a normal day for me, with hopefully lots of tea
Total votes: 39

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May 11th 08 8:07 am
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Mother's Day 2008

by Chip » May 11th 08 8:07 am

Yesterday, TeaChatters had a wide range of what they did with tea beyond sipping. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Welcome one and all to TeaDay. It being Mother's Day, I hope you still manage to squeeze in plenty of tea. Come here and share through out the day what is in your cup. Also check out what everyone else is drinking as well! If you need to, you can always check in at the end of the day as well.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is whether you will have tea will travel today, Mother's Day. So share how you will or did deal with tea today!

I am looking forward to hearing what is in everyone's cup today.

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May 11th 08 8:26 am
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by Salsero » May 11th 08 8:26 am

So it turns out that I have pillaged just about everything blooming in my yard at the moment, and the hot summer days are already starting up. Soon there will be nothing blooming in the oppressive North Florida heat, least of all me! At that point I suppose that -- for lack of blooming things -- I will have to resort to photographing vegetables instead of flowers alongside my tea. Matcha and white asparagus tips anyone? Bi Luo Chun and red cabbage? Korean oolong and kimchi? I guess I will cross that bridge when and if I get to it.

Fortunately, behind our homeowners’ community there are a few acres of wooded and of open land where I can forage for blooming wild flowers, like these I found yesterday. I looked through my wildflower books but I couldn’t come close to an ID.

I’m starting to think that lavender, blue, and purple are my favorite flower colors. I just seem drawn to them. I have to touch. In fact, I think I could live very well in a house that was done in lavender, amber, and terra cotta. The outside of my current house is terra cotta, but my girls call it pink when they want to make me mad.


For our Mother’s Day oolong, we have an aged Bao Zhong, carefully nurtured since 1982 into what today is a sweet and silky treat. On pouring out the first infusion, I was slapped in the face by a burst of aroma. From there it opened into a slightly roasted character, gliding through the infusions to a taste of dried apricots and honey, offering occasional floral notes and even for an instant the suggestion of cocoa. Really just too much!

Hope you all have a lovely Mom’s Day!

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May 11th 08 8:35 am
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by omegapd » May 11th 08 8:35 am

Not a big difference for me today. My mom is a good bit away from me, so a card and call will have to suffice.

I did pick up the wife a couple of new teas and some bath and body works stuff, so she's set. We may go out to lunch depending if I'm asleep at noon or not. :wink:

Gonna be some Adagio's Irish Breakfast when I get home from work...


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May 11th 08 11:10 am
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by Selaphiel » May 11th 08 11:10 am

Will be a normal day for me. Been drinking a lot of the new Darjeelings the last few days. I must say the Rishehat DJ7 and Phuguri DJ14 "AV2" are two amazing teas with a complexity and freshness no other black tea can match. But I gotta mix it up a bit, so my teaplan for the day is to start off with some Sencha Miyabi, then have a cup of Risheehat later.

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May 11th 08 12:20 pm
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by augie » May 11th 08 12:20 pm

It's a normal day here . . . I'm buying my own Mother's Day gift!

It's raining cats & dogs here @ Indy. My DH and 1.0 are in St. L for a school function. 2.0 is taking a birthday shopping trip after lunch. I bought an enormous roast to smoke, but might slow cook it. Not much fun to use the smoker in the rain!

My payola came from Geo W. Friday -- I am going out to stimulate the economy. You can thank me later! :wink:

Salsero, be careful picking wild stuff.

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May 11th 08 1:13 pm
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by Sydney » May 11th 08 1:13 pm

As usual, "other". heh

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May 11th 08 2:21 pm
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by Ron Gilmour » May 11th 08 2:21 pm

Enjoying some Ceylon this morning.

Salsero, could that be a species of Myosotis (forget-me-not)?

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May 11th 08 2:57 pm
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by ThinkingOutLoud » May 11th 08 2:57 pm

I need an "other" on this one. My Mom's in Italy, lucky girl. My kids brought me breakfast in bed: overcooked eggs, dry toast, and horridly brewed tea. My husband tried to buy me a lovely tea cup and saucer, but ended up with a tea cup and saucer ornament. I will spend the rest of the day trying to avoid doing the thing that gets me this "holiday," namely mothering. I give everything I am 364 days a year. I think I'll take this one off. Hope everyone has a good one.

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May 11th 08 3:07 pm
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by Katrina » May 11th 08 3:07 pm

Happy Mother's Day to all those moms, aunts, grandmothers, and sisters, out there. (And anyone else who has been a mother-figure in someone's life.)

We were at my MIL's house yesterday and my mom is pretty far away so Mother's Day will be here at home with my kids and husband. I actually think we're going to have a picnic at a lilac festival at a local arboretum.

Mao Xie oolong for me today. (I call it this because something about the name Hairy Crab Oolong continues to make me a bit unsettled.)

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May 11th 08 3:20 pm
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by Salsero » May 11th 08 3:20 pm

Ron Gilmour wrote:Salsero, could that be a species of Myosotis (forget-me-not)?
I suppose, but I can't identify which. The flowers are not 5 petals but rather a single piece, sort of a skirt or a shallow, flared trumpet. I found them growing happily in full sun on a sandy, dry hillside where it hasn't rained in well over a month. The stems and leaves are sticky. The branches do seem to uncoil as the flowers bloom. The way I have tied them together for the photo makes them look a lot more massed than they really are. It took a while to pick this bunch from many plants. The cut flowers do well in water for several days.

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May 11th 08 3:28 pm
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by Victoria » May 11th 08 3:28 pm

Just a normal tea day for me, I'll be missing my loved ones.

Starting with a nice darjeeling.
Hope to squeeze in much oolong this afternoon.

Happy Mother's Day!

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May 11th 08 3:39 pm
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by Aphroditea » May 11th 08 3:39 pm

My mom went to visit her mom and I am being a GoodPerson(tm) and taking an extra shift at work so a coworker can spend the day with his very aged mother.

But, I did get breakfast in bed and some Serenity graphic novels and a board game...and some white blueberry tea :)

So, all is good. Off to work now!

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May 11th 08 4:13 pm
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by chamekke » May 11th 08 4:13 pm

Quiet day at home with hubby, since my mother is no longer with us. I'd love to spend the day with my in-laws (they're the greatest in-laws in the world), but they're eight time zones away in England! Plus, "Mothering Sunday" in the UK takes place in March.

So... for me, today is a good day to think loving thoughts of Moms everywhere.

In my cup - O-Cha's Fukamushi Supreme - w00t alors!

By the way, those teacups I posted yesterday to the Teawares thread? The gold cup with the Greek keyfret edging had lost its saucer years ago. My mother found a simple saucer with gold edging and had used that as a replacement. Last night, thanks to all that positive feedback, I suddenly felt inspired to do some digging, and at long last, found a matching saucer. Mom would have been thrilled!

I may just try some Fuka in one of those bone china teacups today, in fact. Could be interesting...

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May 11th 08 4:37 pm
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by Terrasi » May 11th 08 4:37 pm

Actually, I live with my mom (barely being in college and all). I actually just left yesterday to visit my brother in minneapolis. Now I'm here, and my mom is in colorado. Now me and my brother can team up and buy her something awesome to take back with me though.

Almost forgot: About to make citron green. My brothers tea choices are limited, so that sounded good.

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May 11th 08 4:44 pm
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by Salsero » May 11th 08 4:44 pm

chamekke wrote: w00t alors!...
Chamekke, you slay me: "w00t alors!" for a Japanese tea in a post about your UK relatives. What planet are you living on?
Terrasi wrote:I actually just left yesterday to visit my brother in minneapolis.
Weird I just visited my brother in minneapolis a month ago! Could they be the same guy?