Thursday TeaDay 6/05/08

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Hop asks, "Which effect do you generally recieve from drinking tea the most?"

Get me off the ceiling energy
No votes
A pleasant zing
Soothing comfort
High anxiety
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Total votes: 56

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Jun 5th 08 6:56 am
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Thursday TeaDay 6/05/08

by Chip » Jun 5th 08 6:56 am

Yesterday's poll indicated the overwhelming majority of TeaChatters prefered black iced can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome all tea drinkers to another TeaDay, come and share what is in your cup today, all day! Be sure to check out what everyone else is sipping today. If you need to, you can reflect back on your TeaDay as well. Regardless, check in frequently.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is contributed by Hop. We have spoken about caffeine in the past, but he has put a humorous spin on how does caffeine affect us. So, have some fun today sharing caffeine induced experiences.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on TeaDay. Bottoms up, refill, repeat.................
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Jun 5th 08 7:04 am
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by tenuki » Jun 5th 08 7:04 am

FPAC (first post after chip)

yesterday's 15yr old Xianguan shu pu, a comfy couch and a good Ian McDonnald novel (Brasyl) FTW!

The only thing I consider myself an bonified master at is find the right combination of drink, seating, and book for maximum enjoyment.

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Jun 5th 08 7:23 am
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Moar sencha

by Salsero » Jun 5th 08 7:23 am

MOAR sencha today …
  • sheesh, will it never end?
(bet you can’t guess the name of this sencha)
<<clic on pic if you dare>>

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Jun 5th 08 7:52 am
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by bi lew chun » Jun 5th 08 7:52 am

I think soothing comfort captures it well. I'm not super fond of the caffeine buzz from black tea, but the modified caffeineish calming effects from green tea are quite acceptable. With green oolongs and white tea, it's definitely the soothing comfort, and pu-erh is all about the qi, which I noticed before I even knew there was such an effect.

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Jun 5th 08 8:43 am
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by Trey Winston » Jun 5th 08 8:43 am

I get a pleasant zing from the caffeine, as long as I don't OD on the stuff.
I'm actually surprised at the caffeine content of Silver Needle, because subjectively it seems much higher than I'd have thought. Something about using just the buds, I guess. White Peony dosen't seem to be quite as saturated.

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Jun 5th 08 8:50 am
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by Terrasi » Jun 5th 08 8:50 am

I chose pleasant zing. I feel the caffeine but it's not the jittery feeling that coffee gives me. It's also a little calming, since it brings me out of my lazy daze every morning and lets me feel a bit more focused.

When I wake up I'll probably make some spring darjeeling, why not.

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Jun 5th 08 9:03 am
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by omegapd » Jun 5th 08 9:03 am

Zing too...

Gonna brew up some green this morning at work...not sure which one, though. Already had a couple of cups of Ambrosia's Organic Ceylon. Katrina, I hope you hadn't tried this one yet. :wink: It'll be headed your way shortly...


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Jun 5th 08 9:20 am
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by ThinkingOutLoud » Jun 5th 08 9:20 am

I drink black in the AM to get the caffeine, but no matter what I'm drinking (black, green, white), it's always comforting. Earl Grey Bravo this AM for a change of pace.

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Jun 5th 08 9:52 am
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by olivierco » Jun 5th 08 9:52 am

Somewhere between a pleasant zing and soothing comfort

Houjicha with my lunch.

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Jun 5th 08 12:31 pm
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by hop_goblin » Jun 5th 08 12:31 pm

I believe the way I react to my teas has to do with what mood I am in. Recently, I have been trying to pay attention to the affects of Cha Qi on my body. I feel that I recieve different sensations as a result of stress levels.

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Jun 5th 08 12:50 pm
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by Aphroditea » Jun 5th 08 12:50 pm

It depends on what I am drinking. On mornings when I struggle awake I tend to drink high caffeine blacks and there I get a pleasant zing.

When I get home from work I tend to have a green or white, and if I have time I will gongfu. This helps me recenter myself and give me a little boost for the remainder of my day.

At night I tend to go herbal or have a rooibos (the latter is more common). I have very warm tasting rooiboses (like caramel and vanilla). And these help me relax and get in that comfy mode.

Now, I have drank so much tea that I have gotten 'tea drunk', where you just start to get silly and bouncy. But, this doesn't happen all that often :)

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Jun 5th 08 1:26 pm
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by Victoria » Jun 5th 08 1:26 pm

I don't really notice the effect of caffeine, but I sure notice the effect of NO caffeine. I choose soothing comfort. It calms me, helps me to feel centered.

In this morning cup - a yellow tea - Wild Kwan Yin

Have a lovely day all!

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Jun 5th 08 1:28 pm
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by henley » Jun 5th 08 1:28 pm

I voted soothing comfort. Cue broken record but it really is a way for me to escape w/o getting a babysitter. Don't get me wrong--I love going for a mani/pedi or lunch w/a girlfriend but those moments don't come often enough. So instead I can escape to my formal dining room each morning for bfast & pretend I don't hear Sesame Street in the background. :lol:

Had the last of the Wen Mtn Baozhong Oolong from the tea box this morning w/bfast. I will miss this tea & definitely have to get more!

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Jun 5th 08 1:35 pm
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by TimeforTea » Jun 5th 08 1:35 pm

Usually I receive a soothing comfort. Sometimes, however, I get a pleasant zing. I try to avoid the black tea caffeine buzz.

Oolong #40 in my cup this morning. The first batch was too strong, so it is chilling in the fridge with a handful of ice cubes in it, to enjoy later. This is the darkest oolong I have had, but I do enjoy it!

Yesterday, I placed yet another big adagio order. It's nice to not be ordering so many darn sample tins anymore. I stepped it up to 3 oz tins of: TKY, peach oolong, and Oolong #40. Well, I did sneak in 1 sample tin: wuyi ensemble. It'll probably be too dark/smokey for my liking, but I'm curious to try it. Plus, I'm thinking my husband may enjoy it.

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Jun 5th 08 1:42 pm
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by joelbct » Jun 5th 08 1:42 pm

Other: Happy Taste-Buds ;)

This morning, Golden Buddha Fujian Red, followed by a blend of iced (or really, room temperature) Japanese Green Tea (Sencha) for work: Ito En Chiran Kagoshima and O-Cha Shincha Yutaki Midori.

And after work, probably a couple bowls of Matcha, then perhaps Roiboos before bed!

Have a great day everyone.