Catnip Tea?

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Oct 8th 08 1:34 am
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Catnip Tea?

by JM » Oct 8th 08 1:34 am

I have a tea that contains catnip, is this stuff drinkable? I've never heard of it before.

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Oct 8th 08 2:31 am
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by PolyhymnianMuse » Oct 8th 08 2:31 am

If its in your tea to begin with, it seems like you wouldnt really have to ask if its in fact drinkable haha.

Catnip is actually more well known for "the plant that cats like" because it has certain effects on cats that are along the lines of intoxication. Of course it has nothing near the same effect on us humans, sorry to say. It looks very similar to mint and is sometimes called catmint instead, although its not in the same family of plants.

According to folk medicine catnip tea is drunk just before going to bed to help you sleep more restful.

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Oct 8th 08 5:12 pm
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by JM » Oct 8th 08 5:12 pm


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Feb 6th 09 5:51 am
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by RockingtheRepublic » Feb 6th 09 5:51 am


I just want to add that catnip is useful for lowering a fever, dispel gas and it even aids digestion in addition to helping you sleep. It's also good for relieving stress, stimulating the appetite and generally goood for colds and flus. Oh and for bringing down inflammation as well.

Hope it helps.

Feb 6th 09 7:20 pm
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 6th 09 7:20 pm

I guess It's sort of helpful then. But I have never seen any teas that have I't.

Feb 28th 09 2:56 am
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by Ubancha » Feb 28th 09 2:56 am

The stuff is totally kosher. And if you live in the US (although it likely grows elsewhere, as most mints over here are actually invasives), wild catnip grows just about everywhere- particularly along railroad tracks. ... atnip1.jpg

Peace! I love RockingtheRepublic and her medicinal info- she's beating me to the punch! lol

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Apr 14th 09 5:36 pm
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by Anelezel » Apr 14th 09 5:36 pm

OK, don't laugh at me...

Can I use the dried catnip in the bag that I buy for my cat? I'm assuming they aren't adding any fillers or chemicals, I might be wrong.

Would it taste kind of like peppermint tea?


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Apr 14th 09 6:45 pm
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by fencerdenoctum » Apr 14th 09 6:45 pm

I wouldn't use the stuff you give to your cat. If you are wanting to try the stuff, I'd go grab a lil bag of seeds or one of those little growing kits from Lowe's, B&Q, Home Depot, or where you choose to buy your gardening supplies.

That is, if you are so inclined as to garden. I however do not. I'd go for mint myself. Mint seems to make everything better.

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