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Nov 17th, '05, 09:52

Tea shrine

by Teatime » Nov 17th, '05, 09:52

As soon as I opened my tea order, I went to the kitchen to clear a counter for my "tea shrine". I lined up the large Adiago tea tins as well as the ingenuiTEA and the clarity cup.

This is the first time that I ordered tea in the large tins and I have to say that I'm impressed with their quality. Next time I order tea, I can just order the bulk tea and refill the tins!

I also got the Valentines tea and it smells so lovely. I am going to make my first cup of Valentines this weekend.

Stay warm everyone and enjoy your teas!


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Nov 17th, '05, 10:35
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by Serenity » Nov 17th, '05, 10:35

How funny you should mention this. When I got my order this week I dedicated a corner on the kitchen counter for my tins and ingenuiTEA...LOL

Are we a hoot or what

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Nov 17th, '05, 11:32
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by Tadiera » Nov 17th, '05, 11:32

There is a space between the wall of my pantry and my toaster that is dedicated to teas. All of my sample tins are there, as well as my cast iron teapot. In the cabinet above it reside my bags, boxes, canisters, etc of tea. :)

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Nov 17th, '05, 15:51
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by Marlene » Nov 17th, '05, 15:51

hehe, I've got two 'shrines'. I've got a book shelf in my work room where it's all supposed to go, and my entire counter, where it all ends up!

Nov 18th, '05, 20:01
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by AnnaAult » Nov 18th, '05, 20:01

I've completely taken over two small cupboard shelves in the kitchen, and am in the porcess of co-opting three more! It wouldn't be so many except people keep buying me tea pots and I do have to put them somewhere.....

I also have a mini-tea shrine on my end table by the bed. I've got an electric kettle, a mug, a sugar bowl, and usually a box lady grey tea bags and a couple of sample tins of what ever is my current favorite from Adagio. Right now it's english breakfast and earl grey.


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Nov 22nd, '05, 14:45
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by Madam Potts » Nov 22nd, '05, 14:45

I have my 3-tiered shelf full of teas, herbs and spices, along with my japanese tea pot and 2 traditional japanese figurines. The excess of tins, teas and herbs now lines the shelf above my stove and is spilling out onto the butcher's block that sidles up to the oven. I need a bigger kitchen (or just more shelves!)

I have a whole corner tea shrine, complete with...(of course) ... tea light candles! :lol:

I would love if people could take a picture of their tea shrine and email them to me: madpotsoftea@aol.com

Alternatively, you can share them on CitySippers group site

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Nov 22nd, '05, 22:56
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by Madam Potts » Nov 22nd, '05, 22:56

It looks as if you have some shrine building to do....

as for me, I've had the opposite effect with my boyfriend. His house was devoid of tea (or accompanying shrine) so I got him into it and have designed the nook of his counter space with the teas he has since bought....

Photos to follow in about a week or so on my web group page...

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Nov 25th, '05, 16:41
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by jogrebe » Nov 25th, '05, 16:41

http://www.christianmuse.org/tea.html for my old pre-adagio tea shrine. I'll try to get a picture up of my current tea shrine within a day or so and I'll post an update when its up.

John Grebe

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Nov 25th, '05, 20:08
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by klemptor » Nov 25th, '05, 20:08

I'd thought I'd posted links to my (mostly) pre-Adagio shrine, but I'm not seeing my reply in the list.

Here it is; the guest password is viewme.

I'll take photos soon of my Adagio stash.

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Nov 27th, '05, 11:48
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by teaspoon » Nov 27th, '05, 11:48

This is my stash, but only the one at school. At home, my mom and I have taken over an entire shelf of the lazy susan in the corner as well as a whole corner of counter space. Heehee... Viva la tea!


This is where I make my tea... in my favorite tea cups... which say "tea" on the sides.



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Nov 28th, '05, 09:40
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by Ghost of Tea » Nov 28th, '05, 09:40

Whoa...that's a lot of tea. I don't really keep all that much tea myself, just a few favorites. I'm almost ashamed to say that they live in the cupboard in some tins. Now I kinda' want to clear off a shelf in my room and arrange them all cool looking.

My girlfriend is really adventurous with tea though...she's always trying new things and making her own blends and stuff. She keeps quite a stash too.

Dec 7th, '05, 00:19

by Guest » Dec 7th, '05, 00:19

So...if you could have a custom tea cabinet, what would it have on it, what sections, and what size would it be?

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Dec 7th, '05, 09:34
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by Tadiera » Dec 7th, '05, 09:34

Anonymous wrote:So...if you could have a custom tea cabinet, what would it have on it, what sections, and what size would it be?

Greetings Guest.

My ideal "tea cabinet" is actually more of a shelf. I have seen corner shelving such as the following:
:arrow: Monico Manor Corner Tiled Shelf
:arrow: Dark Five-tier Wall Unit Corner Rack/Stand Walnut Finish Wood
:arrow: Four Tier Corner Rack
:arrow: Black Mesh Corner Shelf Unit

If I had one, it would be placed in one of the corners of my dining room - easilly accessable from the kitchen. I could display the tins and canisters, place my teapot(s - if I ever manage to get more) for display, yet still have everything easily accessable.

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Dec 7th, '05, 11:11
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by Ghost of Tea » Dec 7th, '05, 11:11

Mua ha ha! The guest was really the Ghost!!

Thanks Tad...cool ideas. :D I posted a fresh topic about tea cabinets, since it's not exactly what this one is about.

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