Friday TeaDay 5/22/09 TeawareArtisan requests?

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

I hope you have checked out the new TeawareArtisan subforum located under TeaCommunity. Several artisans of teaware have already been keeping it lively and interesting. So today, do you have a type of teaware to recommend they create and what would it be?

Yes, a special, unique teacup
Yes, a kyusu style teapot
Yes, a tea storage vessel
No votes
Yes, a water storage vessel
Yes, a unique or perhaps avant garde teapot
Yes, something form over function, a show piece
Yes, a traditional teapot
Yes, a water cooler
Yes, a mug
Yes, a pitcher or fair cup
Yes, a guinomi (sake cup)
No votes
Yes, a yunomi
Yes, a special chawan (tea bowl)
Yes, a saucer or tea plate
No votes
Yes, other
Total votes: 35

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May 22nd, '09, 00:27
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Friday TeaDay 5/22/09 TeawareArtisan requests?

by Chip » May 22nd, '09, 00:27

Greetings TeaFans and welcome to TeaDay. Please come on in and share what is in your cup today!

Yesterday more responders picked intuitive brewing for less familiar teas. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. I hope you have checked out the new TeawareArtisan subforum located under TeaCommunity. While the subforum is still in its infancy, several artisans of teaware have already been keeping it lively and interesting. So today, do you have a type of teaware to recommend they create and what would it be?

By the way, visit the TeawareArtisan subforum and please ask any TeawareArtisans you may know or deal with to participate in this subforum!!!

I am looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone. Bottoms up.

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May 22nd, '09, 01:59
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by olivierco » May 22nd, '09, 01:59

I don't have any special teaware in mind. I prefer to let the artisan/artist create following his own idea. Ordering a special item could hinder his creativity.

Gyokuro on the menu later this morning.

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May 22nd, '09, 02:39
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by woozl » May 22nd, '09, 02:39

I chose chawan.
I guess I'm partial to Cory. :wink:
But the talent is great.
"Collect them all, trade with your friends" :lol:

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May 22nd, '09, 06:10
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by cherylopal » May 22nd, '09, 06:10

I voted for a special tea cup- there was a beautiful cup with cut-outs-sorry can't remember the artist- as well as some stunning cups with a more earthen organic look- I would love a collection of teacups

but almost voted other- i think i could rec all teaware!!

Ocha YM shincha this am- love Sae Midori but was more in the mood for the more intense YM- brewed two cup one right after the other, poured into separate cups and I'm now enjoying a peaceful relaxing moment before getting ready for work- today is field day- Ocha tea bag for lunch and will try brewing it cold.

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May 22nd, '09, 06:12
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by Herb_Master » May 22nd, '09, 06:12

Difficult to vote today and only choose 1 since I have already passed comments to some artisans on more than 1 thing I would like.

I chose water storage because that was the first suggestion I raised.

Chinese size teacups of western shapes and rich glazes was my 2nd.

I would prefer a closed water container with tap, but if the container was top opening only then a nice ladle would be useful, and matching faircup / small pitchers in a gradation of sizes.

I have a chao zhou stove on order from Imen so smiled broadly when another member suggested Chopstick rests! :P
Because Imen has just started selling copper Chopsticks to transfer glowing coals to the stove!

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May 22nd, '09, 07:58
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by Drax » May 22nd, '09, 07:58

Ah, I figured Herb Master might say water storage, and I did as well. I use a glass pitcher right now that only holds a gallon of water (and it doesn't have any lid). It'd be nice to be able to filter a couple gallons of water and store on my kitchen counter in something that looks pleasing... and yet still be able to pour it into my teapot! :D

My ability to drink tea in the evenings this week has been severely curtailed due to lots of activities. I suppose that's a good thing, it's nice to have stuff to do some time to time. In any case, this means I am continuing the session I started yesterday with a 2009 Phoenix Dan Cong. It's getting more bite in the 3rd infusion...

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May 22nd, '09, 08:18
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by chad » May 22nd, '09, 08:18

I would love to find a mug that "moved" me.

Margaret's Hope Darjeeling today.

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May 22nd, '09, 09:22
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by chamekke » May 22nd, '09, 09:22

I'd like to see more western potters making yunomi - especially thin-walled yunomi that are of modest height. (When I do find "western yunomi", they are often heavy, thick-walled and HUGE - like big coffee mugs with the handle removed.)

Am especially partial to yunomi with white interiors so that the colour of the tea can be appreciated. But that's just me :)

I'm currently on the other side of Canada looking after some family matters, and happened to walk into this gallery in London, Ontario:
Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery

Felt like I died and went to heaven - not only is it a huge gallery with many of Canada's most prominent potters very well represented, but there were chawan-s in the window and TONS of tea-related pottery inside. (Plus, all the teapots that don't drip are actually labelled "No Drips Allowed"!) The first thing I picked up was a kyuusu by Wayne Ngan (one of the owners commented, "You have taste!" :lol: ) ... but then I put it down again because it was $500, and anyway I already have a teapot :wink:

Anyway, I did weaken and buy a chawan. Oops.

P.S. Edited to correct my tangled BBCode.
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May 22nd, '09, 09:27
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by coloradopu » May 22nd, '09, 09:27

this is probably the best thing i have seen for getting ideas from the community. i applaud you chip for starting this thread. it is something that i can use to keep me grounded as i have so many ideas but no clue as to weather people would use them in daily tea prep. it is great to see so many people interested in hand made tea ware from the U.S. and gives hope to those that make it that one of their creations might find a home and live a useful life there.

i make the pots to be used till they are broken or gifted to someone for use etc. i think of them as pottery and as being used as part of daily routines. i have no use and will not make stuff to sit on the shelf. i hate that. i feel it should be used till its broken then when that happens i make another to replace it. "with some sort of improvement."

there are some forms i find lend them selves to a use naturally which always astounds me when i run across them. its like well that’s why it looks like that because it just works better. and this is what i am after right now. the little things people notice that work better. its these things that when incorporated into the pot that seem to give it a natural feel and energy that just makes there use a pleasure.

thanks again chip for this and thanks goes out to all who take the time to post ideas in the way you have been.


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May 22nd, '09, 09:37
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by Aphroditea » May 22nd, '09, 09:37

To be honest...1)there were quite a few things from the list that I would like to see and 2)I am dead broke at the moment, so anything I say I want to see I wouldn't be able to afford anyway *pout*.

That said, there was one thing on the list that I would like to see...a cha chuan. It is the one peice I would very much like to add to my set one day. I work better with a boat than a table. However, I either find fairly plain ones, like the one at Ten Ren (which is not bad, but doesn't 'pop') or really nice handmade serving bowls that MIGHT fit the bill, but 1)weren't designed for this particular purpose and 2)are well out of my price range.

But, I love the work these guys are doing and each one has such a unique style that I am curious as to how each would approach such a projct.

Cheers!! (nothing in my cup, yet....get back to ya)

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May 22nd, '09, 09:43
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by Victoria » May 22nd, '09, 09:43

olivierco wrote:I don't have any special teaware in mind. I prefer to let the artisan/artist create following his own idea. Ordering a special item could hinder his creativity.
I feel basically the same way. But I think input on colors, sizes and materials and subtle suggestions in shape modification can be helpful. Especially if the potter is not a tea person.

In my cup this morning; FF Balasun from kymidwife estates.
:wink: Thanks Sarah!

Have a nice day everyone!

May 22nd, '09, 09:54
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Get mugged!

by Intuit » May 22nd, '09, 09:54

My artisan mug of more than 25 years bit the dust last year. Haven't found a replacement yet.

Perhaps you could plant a pointer link to this thread in your new artisan subforum, Chip.

Scots Breakfast this morning.

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May 22nd, '09, 10:08
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by Aphroditea » May 22nd, '09, 10:08

In my cup: golden monkey, super strong and in my 10oz Tinkerbell mug :P
Yeah, it's THAT kinda morning.

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May 22nd, '09, 10:29
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by Salsero » May 22nd, '09, 10:29

Yunomi or chawan for me!

2007 Purple Leaf by Mengku ZFH Tea Factory
(Click the photo for a larger image.)

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May 22nd, '09, 10:36
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by jazz88 » May 22nd, '09, 10:36

I said: a unique or perhaps avant garde teapot. Really curious if there would be anyone else with such preferences?

No tea yet.